Our founder and President, is a sought after speaker, business trainer and coach on ethics, corporate governance, risk management, GRC, compliance and internal audit topics.


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OUR TRAINERS AND BUSINESS COACHES are experienced and competent. 

Our professional staff includes MBAs, CPAs, CIAs, GRC Professionals, certified sales trainers, certified business coaches, certified risk-based auditors, and experienced managers. We have been around the block a few times and can work with organizations of any size in any industry.


We have certified Focal Point business coaches to help you take you small and mid-sized company to the next level.

We offer a unique on-line, on-demand CIA® Review Course that can dramtically improve your odds of passing the CIA® Exam.

We help you prepare to successfully pass the GRC Professional certification exam, the world's leading GRC certification

We provide business training in the areas of ethics, governance, risk management, compliance and internal audit.